Chief Guest

Sri Sunil Sharma, IAS
Spl. Chief Secretary,
Energy Department,
Government of Telangana
Brief Bio of the speaker

Sri Sunil Sharma is presently looking after the Energy and Housing Departments in Telangana State. Sri Sunil Sharma has held several key positions in the Government of India and Government of Andhra Pradesh. He has held many positions such as Prl.Secretary to Government,Transport, Roads & Buildings, Secretary to Government, Dept for Women Development & Child Welfare, Commissioner, Civil Supplies Dept., Secretary to Government, Infrastructure & Investment Dept and Secretary to Government, Infrastructure & Investment Dept. He has also worked as Commissioner in Civil Supplies, Municipal Administration, Agriculture and Panchayat Raj Departments. He also worked as District Collector for Prakasam and Visakhapatnam districts and also as Joint Collector to Hyderabad. He has also held important positions such as Additional Commissioner, MCH, Managing Director, Housing Corporation and Project Officer, ITDA, Utnoor.

Guest of Honor

Sri. J. Srinivasa Reddy
Director (Operations),
Southern Power Distribution Company of Telangana Limited,
Dr. Prasad Enjeti
TI Jack Kilby Chair Professor
Power Electronics & Power Quality Laboratory
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Texas
A&M University College Station, Texas

Title: Enhancing Cybersecurity of Grid-tied Renewables and Electric Charging Infrastructure


In this talk cybersecurity of grid-tied renewable energy systems and electric charging infrastructure are discussed in detail. Analysis and design of an active cyber intrusion detection scheme with digital watermarking technology is explained. The detection scheme introduces a unique random signal termed as “watermark” into the control input of the power electronic system and then monitors the sensor data including the data collected from the smart meter to detect any malicious manipulation and/or false data injection. It is shown that the approach can detect complex cyber-attacks. Experimental results obtained on a grid-tied system are discussed in detail.

Bio of the speaker

Prasad N. Enjeti (M'85-SM’88-F'00) received his B.E. degree from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, in 1980, the M.Tech degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, in 1982, and Ph.D. degree from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, in 1988, all in Electrical Engineering. He holds the Texas Instruments Jack Kilby Chair in Electrical & Computer Engineering Department and has been a member of Texas A&M University faculty since 1988 and is widely acknowledged to be a distinguished teacher, scholar and researcher. His primary research interests are in advancing power electronic converter designs to address complex power management issues. His recent research focus has been on innovative power electronic solutions to interface renewable energy sources to electric utility and developing real time digital tools to enhance cybersecurity and condition monitoring of industrial systems. To date he has graduated 35 PhD and 53 MS students. Fifteen of his PhD students currently serve as faculty in institutions at home and across the world while others have leadership positions in industry. He along with his students have over 100 journal publications and received numerous best paper awards from the IEEE. Among the many honors he has received are the IEEE Fellow Award in 2000, Texas A&M University Association of Former Students University Level teaching award in 2001, R. David Middlebrook Technical Achievement Award from the IEEE Power Electronics Society in 2012 and IEEE IAS Distinguished Achievement Award 2021.

Mr. Ravikiran Annaswamy
Co-founder and CEO
Numocity Technologies
Bio of the speaker

Ravikiran Annaswamy is the Co-founder and CEO of Numocity Technologies. He is very passionate about clean mobility and works towards accelerating Electric Mobility in India and world market. He champions new business models like Energy as a service, enabled with IOT, Analytics and Deep Learning. He has over 27 years of experience; as an Entrepreneur and as a business leader at Nokia Siemens Networks and Siemens AG. He was instrumental in launching and scaling, frugal and innovative solutions like Mobile Prepaid, Data Charging, and various VAS solutions in India and global markets. He championed Intrapreneurship as the Innovation head for Bangalore site of Nokia Siemens Networks. He is a serial entrepreneur and passionate to incubate new Start-ups. He was the Co-founder of Deccan Institute of Innovation and Design, Co-Director at Founder Institute ( Bangalore, mentor at NUMA Bangalore and coach for many early stage start-ups. He is also a Charter member of TiE Bangalore. He is currently a global board member and President for 72 year old IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society. He has done his MBA from Indian institute of Management Bangalore and has graduated from UVCE Bangalore (University of Visveswaraya College of Engineering).

Dr. Akshay Kumar Rathore
Singapore Institute of Technology

Title: Scenario of Battery and Hydrogen Electric Vehicles in India


India is the second largest population of the world and shares 296 Million out of 1.4 Billion vehicles in the world as of 2019. The coal-based generation shares 75% of the total electricity generation of India. Hydrogen fuel cell based electric vehicles and battery-based e-mobility have been applauded by the Government with a 2030 mission and vision. With the progress and recent growth on the electrification of the transportation/vehicles, battery charging, and hydrogen infrastructure and supply chain will be of major concern to meet the usual energy demand plus the recharging/refilling. It, in other way, will push for sustainable generation. This keynote will discuss the recent progress, key challenges, and future scopes of e-mobility in India along with the development and future directions of advanced power electronics technologies.

Bio of the speaker

Akshay Kumar Rathore (IEEE Fellow) is a full professor at Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore since Jan 2022 and is an expert in power electronics and control of electrical motor drives. He received the Gold Medal for securing the highest academic standing among all electrical engineering specializations in his Master’s degree at Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi, India. He received his PhD from the University of Victoria, BC, Canada in 2008. He had two subsequent postdoctoral research appointments with the University of Wuppertal, Germany (2008-2009), and the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA (2009-2010). From November 2010 to February 2016, he served as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore. From March 2016-Dec 2021, he served as an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada where he was listed in the Provost Circle of Distinction in 2021. He served as Graduate Program Director and Chair of Graduate Awards during 2020-21. He supervised 11 PhD theses and 14 MASc (research) theses on novel power electronics circuit design for solar, fuel cells, marine, more electric aircrafts, electric vehicles charging (grid and solar based plug-in and wireless), and motor drives applications. He has one approved European Patent commercialized by WEG Brazil and developed above 99% neutral-point-clamped multilevel inverter based medium voltage induction motor drive system.

Dr. Rathore is a recipient of the 2013 IEEE IAS Andrew W. Smith Outstanding Young Member Achievement Award, 2014 Isao Takahashi Power Electronics Award, 2017 IEEE IES David Irwin Early Career Award, 2019 IEEE IES Publications Service Recognition Award, 2020 IEEE IAS Outstanding Area Chair Award, 2020 IEEE Bimal Bose Award for Industrial Electronics Applications in Energy Systems and 2021 Nagamori Award. He published about 285 research papers in international journals and conferences, including 96 IEEE TRANSACTIONS. He has co-authored 3 book chapters.

He is currently serving as the Awards Department Chair of the IEEE Industry Applications Society, AdCom Member-at-Large and Fellow Evaluation Committee member of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society. He served as the distinguished lecturer (2017-18) and prominent lecturer (2019-21) of the IEEE IAS society. He is serving as the Chair of IEEE IAS Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conversion Systems Committee. He led and chaired the IEEE IAS Industrial Automation and Control Committee (2018-19) and IEEE IAS Technical Committee on Transportation Electrification (2016-17).

Title: Re-engineering transportation


Climate change and poor air quality are affecting not just human and environmental health but having a serious impact on the economy. The transportation sector is a significant source of greenhouse gases and harmful air pollutants. Electrifying this sector is a viable option towards a sustainable future. This presentation will explore opportunities for integrating renewable energy with the power grid, managing peak power demand and the role of battery storage. More importantly, the discussion will focus on how to implement policies that encourage technical advances while ensuring efficiency, affordability and equity across all sectors of society.

Dr. Sulekha Chattopadhyay
Senior Regulatory Analyst, California Public Utilities Commission, Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
Bio of the speaker

Sulekha Chattopadhyay received her Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from the University of California, Riverside. During her tenure for the California Air Resources Board, she contributed to air pollution measurement, inventory development and implementing mitigation strategies. Her work on particulate matter emission inventory development supported California in Volkswagen's emissions investigation. Besides passenger cars, she has also worked to develop financial instruments for mitigating emissions from small off-road equipment to the aviation sector. Currently, as a Senior Analyst working for the California Public Utilities Commission, she is focusing her efforts on electrifying the transportation sector. She is overseeing the evaluation of over $750 million electric vehicle and equipment charging infrastructure installation programs. Her portfolio includes renewable energy integration, vehicle-to-grid technology, time-of-use electric rates, across passenger cars, trucks, transit and school buses. All these efforts are driving California closer to meeting its 100% renewable energy goals by 2045. Besides her work in science-based policy development, she is a Fulbright Specialist working passionately and tirelessly translating complex scientific information for the consumption of the public. Most recently she was recognized by the U.S. Consulate in Kolkata as part of the nine Asian American and Pacific Islander's contribution to society in fighting COVID-19.

Industry Keynote by the Title Sponsor

Mr. Velivela Pavan
Branding and Marketing Communications Manager,
Visaka Industries Limited,
ATUM ATUMOBILE by Visaka (Title Sponsor)

Title of the Talk: EV Infrastructure and Product Portfolio

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